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The Benefits of Window Automation


Smart windows will monitor the outside of your home and alert you of any potential threats. Your windows and home will always be safe and secure.

Energy Savings

  • Half of your energy bill goes to air conditioning. Window automation can help you save hundreds of dollars annually by using outside air to heat and cool your home.


Window automation naturally filters indoor air and prevents harmful pollutants from building up inside of your home.

How Does Security Work?

The Economizer is designed to work in place of your normal window locks. The Economizer's robust and secure locking mechanism prevents windows from being forcibly opened or closed which keeps your windows and home safe. Also, wide range sensors will monitor the outside of your home to ensure your windows will close and remain closed in case of any disturbances. The Economizer will also send you real time security updates.

How Are Indoor Conditions Measured?

Wyndflow supplies a small sensor that will measure your indoor temperature, humidity, and pressure. Wyndflow can also sync with other smart devices in your home to pull information about your home's indoor air.

How Does Wyndflow Actually Save Energy?

Today's thermostats use fans and energy to provide air conditioning. However, Wyndflow and the Economizer require neither. We simply use outside air when appropriate to heat and cool your home, essentially providing air conditioning without using any energy. Therefore, we can save hundreds of dollars per year on air conditioning costs.

Product Features

Product Features

Wyndflow Predictive Weather Data

Predictive Weather Data and Analytics

Our system uses predictive weather data to manage your home.
The Economizer will ensure that your windows are closed in case of inclement weather,
and uses weather analytics to intelligently determine the best times to use your windows to save energy and decrease air conditioning costs.

Wyndflow Economizer Heat Transfer Algorithm

Energy Saving Heating and Cooling Algorithm

An advanced algorithm allows us to maximize your home's energy savings.
Intelligent window automation ensures that your windows are working to save you money and energy around the clock.

Wyndflow Economizer Conectivity and Control

Connectivity and Control

The Economizer uses WiFi to communicate with other devices inside of your home.
For maximum energy savings, you can allow the Economizer to control your smart thermostat to help make your HVAC system more efficient.
Also, you can write custom controls and commands using the Wyndflow API.

Wyndflow Economizer Money Energy Savings

Control and Monitor Your Home and Windows From Anywhere

You can control our system from any smart phone, tablet, or computer.

Compatible With Your Favorite Smart Platforms:




and Many More

Additional Product Benefits

  • Wyndflow Economizer Money Energy Savings
  • Save Energy and Money
  • Automating your windows allows the Economizer to use outside air to heat and cool your home. This means you can reduce both your air conditioning usage and utility bills.

  • Connect with other device in your home
  • Compatibility
  • The Economizer can sync and work together with other smart devices in your house through Wi-Fi.

  • Wyndflow Economizer Controlled by App
  • Stay in Control
  • Monitor and control the Economizer through our simple app.
  • Wyndflow Economizer increase indoor air quality
  • Increase Indoor Air Quality
  • Window automation allows the Economizer to naturally ventilate your house. Say hello to fresher, cleaner air, and goodbye to harmful household air pollutants.

  • Wyndflow Economizer increase home security
  • Security
  • The Economizer is equipped with a full security system so your windows and home will always be safe.

  • Wyndflow Economizer hassle free easy install
  • Hassle Free
  • The Economizer fits in any window and can be installed in a matter of seconds.
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Product Information

The Economizer is equipped with a window gripping mechanism designed to fit virtually every vertical window design.

An advanced locking system ensures that your windows cannot be forced open.

The Economizer's extendable body supports window sizes ranging from 3 to 5 feet.

A built in security and weather monitoring system ensures that your windows will react to any threats or inclement weather accordingly, and notify you.



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We believe that technology has the ability to vastly improve life for everyone and we hope to continue innovating and building products that will have a long lasting and highly beneficial impact on society.


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