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The World's First Smart Window Automation System is Here

In 2012 there were over 8.7 billion connected devices being used in the world. That number is supposed to reach over 50 billion by the year 2020. Why are smart devices becoming so popular? Well, there are a ton of reasons.

Smart products allow homes to be more convenient, safe, efficient, and manageable, which greatly improves the live’s of homeowners.

Today we want to introduce a brand new and innovative addition to the smart home, smart windows. Homeowner’s definitely have a reason to rejoice.

The Economizer: The World’s First Smart Window Automation System

The Economizer is a device that can be attached to the windows inside of your home to make them smarter.

Now you might be wondering:

What are the benefits of having smarter windows?

Well, there are plenty of great reasons including increased energy efficiency, security, and health benefits.

Also, the Economizer is compatible with many smart platforms such as Nest and SmartThings and we are adding new ways to connect the Economizer everyday.

Now we will get into why smart windows are so great.

Energy Efficiency

Half of a home’s energy bill is due to heating and cooling costs. However, smart windows can allow homeowners to shave hundreds of dollars off of their energy bill annually.


Temperatures naturally fluctuate during the day, for example it’s usually cooler in the morning and late evening than it is in the early afternoon.

The Economizer uses an intelligent machine learning algorithm to open and close your windows to take advantage of temperature changes to heat and cool your home and save energy.

If you have a smart thermostat, then the Economizer can temporarily switch it off while still heating and cooling your home, which can lead to massive energy savings. But don’t worry, even if you don’t own a smart thermostat you will still be able to save a considerable amount of energy.

Health Benefits

Current air conditioning systems keep outside air from entering your home. However, this also keeps other things from escaping your living space, such as harmful household air pollutants. The American Lung Association warns homeowners of common household pollutants and their detrimental effects to human health. Pet dander, mold, microorganisms, and common household chemicals can all contribute to poor health, and current air conditioners ensure that they all stay inside of your home.

However, by opening windows, we are really helping homeowners out in two ways. We are saving energy, and naturally filtering indoor air. Who knew window automation could be so beneficial?


People want their homes to be safe. Smart windows add an extra layer of security to a person’s home, so that homeowners can rest assured that their houses are protected.

Windows are a vulnerable entry point into a home and our smart system ensures that they are always secure.

The Economizer is equipped with an advanced locking mechanism that safeguards windows from being forced open, and sensors that monitor the area around a home for any potential threats.

Also, the Economizer checks weather conditions to make sure that your windows will be closed before inclement weather hits.

We believe that smart windows can greatly improve the live’s of homeowners everywhere. To learn even more about the Economizer and the benefits of window automation read more here.


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