How Wyndflow Solved the Major Problem with Air Conditioners

According to the Department of Energy, Americans spend over 11 billion dollars a year heating and cooling their homes.

This enormous cost is due to the fact that your air conditioner suffers from a major design flaw.

It constantly uses electricity to cool your home, even when the air right outside could do the job more efficiently and completely for free. This problem causes your air conditioning system to consume unnecessary energy, and waste your money.

What do we mean exactly?

Suppose you want the inside of your house to stay within a set comfortable temperature range. When the air outside of your home is within that range it can be used to regulate interior temperatures.

But current air conditioning systems can't do that, they just continue to draw energy instead.

We solved that problem.

How? By automating the windows inside of your home.

By simply opening and closing windows we can take advantage of outside air to heat and cool your home.

This means that your air conditioning operates less, and your home uses less energy, so you can benefit from saving money on your utility bills. All while helping to make the world more sustainable.

Just how advantageous is this?

We can save you up to $800 per year on your energy bills depending on where you live.

That is why the team at Wyndflow is excited about the Economizer, our window automation system that will improve the lives of homewowners everywhere.

Introducing the Economizer

A revolutionary smart device that fits your windows and will provide security, energy efficiency, and convenience through window automation.

Your home is about to receive a major upgrade.

How does it work?
Wyndflow Economizer prototype

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