Solving the Air Conditioning Conundrum

Our goal at Wyndflow has always been to create a window automation system that everyone would love.

It was way easier said than done.

In November of 2015 we managed to scrap together our first prototyping attempt. We tried to put together a full window that was completely automated.

Good News: It worked.

Bad News: It was expensive, and the installation cost was going to be astronomical. It was a solid start but we knew that we had improvements to make.

So we went back to the drawing board.

We were not completely sure what the next step was, so we went out and talked to homeowners and figured out what they actually wanted. Just about everyone said that they would rather see a small device that could easily attach to windows.

Their wish was our command

We built a lot of things over the span of a few months. Some worked, and some didn't but in the end we were able to come up with one design that we were happy with.

Here is what ended up being about our sixth prototype attempt.

Great News: It is exactly what everyone wanted. A small compact device that fit to windows.

Good News: It worked beautifully, and would not cost nearly as much as a full window.

Bad News: Installation was still a problem.

Many people thought this device required too many nuts, bolts, and tools which made it a hassle to install on windows.

We were determined to make our next prototype near-perfect. So we brainstormed. We built. We tested. We built more. We tested more. Rinse. Repeat.

Hundreds of hours later all of that building payed off. And we were able to create something that we knew everyone would love.

We FINALLY did it!

It didn't cost a small fortune.

It couldn't be any easier to install.

It would fit any window size.

And most importantly, homeowners actually liked it.

This was a giant step towards a final design, but as usual there were still minor improvements to be made. Additionally, we are addicted to building.

Even as I am writing this we are talking about ways to make the design even better, which is getting harder and harder at this point.

We are not going to claim that we can predict the future, but we do know for a fact that our finished product will be amazing.

Introducing the Economizer

A revolutionary smart device that fits your windows and will provide security, energy efficiency, and convenience through window automation.

Your home is about to receive a major upgrade.

How does it work?
Wyndflow Economizer prototype

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